Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trouble on 4 Legs!

This is my latest problem with Romeo, he wants to chew the doors and the baseboards up... Now, i should have listened to everyone when i was told to crate train him. I didn't wanna be mean... trust me, the spanking he got after i found this is way worse than a few days in a crate. The little colorful pieces on the floor... those are Tre's foam letters to play in the bathtub.... ROMEO crawled in the bathtub got them out and chew them into pieces. UGH.

And this... MY TOOTHBRUSH!!! UGH! That was irritating.


  1. It's not too late to start. Put that dog in a crate or you'll never be able to control him.

  2. Nasty toothbrush!

    Awwww...don't spank him. You can rub his nose in it and tell him it's bad but don't hit him.

  3. Oh, the joys of being a pet owner! It is good practive for parenthood. Not that you can use the crate for your kiddos! But learning to set limits on their behavior and dog(baby)proofing the area are essential. Some of life's lessons are learned the hard way.