Monday, June 8, 2009

Blessings in our life

I am not sure if all of you know but i am the oldest of 50 grandkids now, the 49th Miss Paige Taylor got blessed yesterday. It is always a joy to see my family come in town and all come together for this wonderful day. We all had lunch for Gingers birthday afterwards and got to swim a little. Thank god for family, its an amazing thing. Gracen showed me how smart she was naming what color things were around the house...


  1. Thanks again for coming. I'm SO sorry you missed it but it means a lot that you made the effort and I enjoyed seeing you. Love you.

  2. You are such a great "auntie". We love you!

  3. Is it really up to 50? That sounds like so many! Way cute pics.
    It will be fun to catch up with everyone and see all those new babies!