Monday, April 26, 2010

The Latest!

Many of you know I have recently had to grow up alot... with house and a boyfriend to take care of and man it is work!! I have always dreamed about having a beautiful house and cleaning it, doing lawn work and just being a prefect "house wife", well this weekend I got a nice taste of whats its like...

Here are some before and after pictures...ive never worked so hard in my life :) and a special thanks to my sisters, they were WONDERFUL :) and of course Christopher, he did alot of slaving on the lawn mower and trimed a million trees!

We actually had rose bush's, and you couldnt even see them! It was crazy how much work we had to do, and I gauranty that I will not let it get like this as again! The worst part is that i didnt even notice it was so bad because our schedule is so busy we never look at the front of the house!

There will be more to come, this was only a start...

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  1. Very cute house. I love the stone on the outside.